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Well done to Colworth Park’s Conference & Events Souz Chef!

Well done to Colworth Park’s Conference & Events Souz Chef!

Colworth Park Conference & Events would like to say a


to our Souz Chef Ryan, who has recently completed his level 4, AFN certified Dietary Nutrition course with ‘The Diet Specialists’. The course consisted of 16 Units that ranged from the bio-chemistry of protein and nutrient absorption in the body to the psychology of dietary disorders such as diabetes, bulimia and obesity.

Having our Java Café staff members attend this course and gain the knowledge to create healthier and more nutritious meals in the restaurant, along with being able to advise customers on dietary information of food, as well as allowing us to cater for dietary needs, ultimately means that we can deliver a service and menu’s to suit all staff and visitors.

Ryan states

‘We understand that we have a wide range of dietary needs and preferences here at Colworth and we are trying to incorporate as many of these as we can into our weekly and hospitality menus. We always encourage our customers to come and approach us if they have any further questions about our dishes, or if they want to share any ideas with us so we can keep building on this’

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